Covid 19 Test for Coronavirus Antibodies

Covid 19 Test for Coronavirus Antibodies

Covid 19 test for Coronavirus Antibodies

Covid 19 has become a household name for all the wrong reasons. The Coronavirus strain has become an official Pandemic infecting millions across the world making a test for the virus essential.  The coronavirus is not new and has many strains of which COVID 19 is the latest to be categorised. This confused people when they saw bottles of disinfectant claiming to kill coronavirus pre-dating this latest epidemic. Coronaviruses were first discovered in the 1930s by an acute respiratory infection of domesticated chickens. Human coronaviruses were discovered in the 1960s. The earliest ones studied were from human patients with the common cold, which were later named human coronavirus 229E and human coronavirus OC43. This is why Coronavirus is a parent name for the virus type Covid 19 falls under which also covers SARS and MERS. It is also worth mentioning that the name Covid 19 doesn’t mean its the 19th strain of Corornavirus. It is actually a more simple reason. It was designated in 2019 hence the “19”.  Certain disinfectants have the ability to kill these types of viruses.

The latest Coronavirus strain has been a serious health risk to those with underlying health risks.  Testing for Coronavirus antibodies is a great way to protect you and the ones around you.  The test shows whether or not you have Covid 19 antibodies meaning that either you have had te virus and have the antibodies that will protect against future infections or no meaning you should protect yourself from becoming a carrier and potentially pass the virus on to someone else (in some cases elderly family members) .

My-Body-Matter can provide you with a home test kit that will help you check if you have at one point been infected with the virus and help you plan out your future activities and if you should go into isolation or not.

There are Coronavirus finger prick test and Swab test available on the market can tell you if you have immunity to Covid 19. These test should be only used in conjunction with current guidelines.