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    Information for a better understanding

    No. We only sell EU approved low-THC - zero THX, high-CBD hemp products that are non-psychoactive. They cannot be used recreationally and are legal to sell and buy in the UK.

    Yes. CBD Ultra only sell legal hemp extracts, not high THC cannabis. Our products are exclusively derived from EU and US approved industrial hemp and as such are completely legal to sell and buy in the UK. Customers need to be careful when purchasing CBD products as some available from other vendors are derived from marijuana, and therefore contain over 0.2% THC making them illegal.

    Most medical marijuana plants produce between 5-20% THC, with some strains producing 23-30% THC, whereas hemp plants naturally contain less than 0.2% THC. Hemp oil products can sometimes be described as cannabis oil products, as technically the term can be used to describe both as they are derived from the cannabis plant, but although both are from the Cannabis plant, they are very different. Marijuana is rich in THC and is used to get “high”. Hemp is an industrial food crop that is sold under licence within the UK. Both contain CBD, but only marijuana contains THC. Importantly, CBD Ultra products are all derived from EU and US approved industrial hemp and as such are completely non-psychoactive and legal in the UK.

    Hemp and Cannabis are scientifically and genetically the same plant that has been cultivated in different ways to achieve different effects. Medical cannabis plants have been selectively bred over the years to produce female flowering plants that yield budding flowers, and it's these buds that contain THC. These plants are purposefully cultivated to contain high levels of psychoactive THC as they are then used recreationally, spiritually, and medicinally. In contrast, hemp plants are tall and do not produce any flowering buds, therefore containing trace amounts of THC. The hemp plant is legally grown all around the world for use in products ranging from textiles to building materials, and food and supplements and it is legal to buy and sell in the UK.