Affordable CBD Supplements

Affordable CBD Supplements

Affordable CBD SupplementsHow do you buy affordable CBD Supplements without being stung? The CBD Supplement industry has become a minefield of companies offering the same base product (CBD Cannabidiol) but at varying potency and prices. The problem is that there is no yardstick available to measure who has the right combination of price and purity, or so you are led to believe.

Cheap CBD oil is already available from high street vendors such as Holland and Barrats. However under close examination you realise that the CBD content is miniscule for the price you pay. The price tag may be low but so is the beneficial ingredient making it a false economy. We do recognise Holland & Barrats should be thanked for bringing the benefits of CBD Oil to the general public’s eye. Many people were not aware of the potential health benefits of CBD based products and it being a naturally occuring product like aspirin.

When buying CBD look at the strength in Milligrams or percentage of content that is CBD. This will help you compare like for like.  For example if you purchased a vial 10ml CBD Oil containing 20% CBD it means only 2ml is CBD = 2mg.  If you pay £20 for that product it has just cost you £10 per milligram of CBD.   Its better to buy a product which states clearly how many mg of CDB is in the vial. Most average 250mg upward.
All of a sudden that Cheap CDB oil sold at H&B doesn’t look as cheap as it did so buy wisely.

The main forms of CBD available to the consumer are CBD oils, CBD Balms, CBD Tea and CBD Vapes.


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